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We are elastic, intimate and sometimes big. The ultimate nightlife-experience where you can taste the real club feeling. A colourful party in an underground club with some no nonsense glamour. A clubnight unlike any other night in your month; a night where you can be yourself for 100%. A melting pot of gay, lesbian, straight and everything in between. 

Be your fantastic self.

juli 25, 2022

RUBBER goes to Pink Monday! From 10 pm until late at night we will transform ‘De vrienden van Tilburg’ into the gay club in the heart of Tilburg.

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september 3, 2022

We’ll be back in BASIS on Saturday, September 3rd! After a sweaty summer we dive back into the club. We go wild, dance and flirt like never before.

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no attitude.
just party.

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Whoever you are and from any planet in space. Our mission is to connect people. We strive for a future where you can ‘be your fantastic self’. Together we create or own world. Join and step into the elastic future of RUBBER. Because RUBBER suits us all.

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